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I would like to say what an awesome job they did. I had a customer we needed to take care of on a clear bra (paint protection film) application for a warranty job. I called them and Ryan, the owner, was able to squeeze me in and help out. Not only did he explain, upfront, what the process and expectations were, he later called to update us and also to give us a better option for our customer. At that point, I knew we had someone who cared about his work and was looking out for the customer. I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone.
— James Hammond
WOW! These guys can take a slob of a car and make it look showroom ready. The detailing is amazing!
— Scott Regan

Ryan and Co:

I could not be happier! Hot tea with honey spilled on my Audi center console and all of my knobs were sticking. Auto Spa detailed the car for well under what I expected to pay and did a fabulous job. I am a fan forever!
— Kelly Marie Brown
Ryan & Co:

Thank you for doing the detailing on our employer’s Lexus. It has not looked that good for some time now. All of the stains seemed to disappear! We look forward to seeing you again soon.
— Stephanie & John R. Household Managers

Dear Anne & Ryan:

A quick note to let you know I am so satisfied with the window tinting work you did on my car. You told me I would notice about a 45% improvement in the cooling of my black car. Honestly, it is so much greater than that. I’m so glad I made the decision to have it done.

Any work I have had done at Auto Spa has been done graciously and professionally.
— Thanks again. Beverly R.


Today you made my day. I had lost my wedding ring (age 32 years) after taking it off in my car. I had searched for it…my co-workers has also searched for it. When I called you, I was a wreck. You calmly told be to come over after work. When I got there two of you worked on my car. I was ready to give up. After all, I wasn’t even sure it was still in the car. But you persisted and then you found it by the passenger seat rail. Some day, I’ll share this story with my husband. For now, it will be our happy little secret! Thank you so much for helping me quickly and professionally. You had better believe that I’ll be singing your praises to anyone who’ll listen.
— Sincerely, Barb C.

Dear Ryan:

Thank you for your superior detailing job Friday. My 1934 Rolls Royce Sedance Deville won the blue ribbon for its class on Sunday. I want to again thank you for your superior work. I have never seen it looking so shiny and clean with every possible part perfectly waxed for Concours de Elegance as you accomplished last week. You followed instructions on polishing in long straight lines so as to not create new swirl marks. That is very important! Your further appearance out on the show field early Sunday morning to be certain all your customers cars were still looking as perfect as they did when leaving your Auto Spa was much appreciated, and never before experienced by me. I predict you will go a long way in business.
— Sincerely, Dave B.

Dear Ryan:

Dan Brown and I want to send a message of thanks to you personally for your involvement in Driving to Success, the program we started last year and are continuing this summer at the Boys & Girls Club of Hilton Head Island. The kick-off show is always met with so much enthusiasm by all, and we know it’s hard to tell who has more fun, the kids or us, which is a good thing.

One of the basics of this program is to show that you can turn something you love, and have fun doing, into a career. Bridging the gap between the status quo and the possibilities of the future isn’t easy. Boys & Girls Club professionals have worked for more than 100 years to serve children and teens in the hours between 3:00 and 7:00 pm, and during school vacations and summer, when the negatives of society can easily tempt them. The list of temptations, unfortunately, escalates and changes. Good programs to interest and nurture children need to change, too. So that’s the “why” of Driving to Success.

Chris Coffey, the Teen Director at the club, has taken several auto-interest related trips this summer, and some may continue when the school year opens. If you have any suggestions for field trips or in-club programs, he welcomes your input.

We really want to continue and possibly expand this program in the years to come, so we hope you will be back with us when we organize next spring. And we hope that you’ll keep the Boys & Girls Club in mind in your community giving or volunteering activities this year.

We look forward to hearing from you.
— Sincerely, Harvey Geiger, Drive to Success Founder Dan Brown, Chairman, Board of Directors, Boys & Girls Club of HHI