Hand washing

  • Clean wheels and wheel wells 
  • Remove any tar and grease
  • Degrease and power wash all doorjambs, truck jamb and fuel door
  • De-bug hood, fenders, bumpers and windshield
  • Acid wash all exterior surfaces Acid washing will remove water spots, excess mineral deposits and stubborn contaminants.

Exterior Detail

Our Meguires® certified detail package begins with the removal of any pine sap, road paint or paint scuffs. Once the vehicles are completely clean, the exterior surfaces are prepared with a clay bar to ensure a 100% contaminant free surface. We then perform a cleaner, polish and waxing of your exterior. Our Meguires® cleaners will remove any oxidation or light scratches. Wet sanding is also available for more severe scratches. We then polish the vehicle to ensure a swirl-free shine before we apply a final coat of polymer sealant for maximum protection. All of the chrome and glass will be polished, the tires will be dresses and your door jambs will be waxed to complete the exterior service.

Along with all of the aforementioned exterior services, we will also blow-out and vacuum your interior, wipe down your dashboard and console area and clean your interior windows.

Interior Detail

Our Interior detail begins with a very thorough blow-out and vacuum. We then shampoo and extract all of your carpets and floor mats. If your seats are upholstered, we will shampoo and extract them as well. If the seats are leather, we will clean and condition all of the seating surfaces.

Our professionals will scrub your door panels, instrument cluster and even swab out your vents. All interior glass is cleaned (mirrors and visors included). The trunk is also an important part of our interior detail. We will blow-out, vacuum and wipe-down all trunk surfaces.

Engine Cleaning

(Included in the Complete Detail or Ultimate Detail)

Engine, engine compartment, underside of hood and insides of fenderwells are degreased and rinsed. Once the engine compartment is clean, we will then apply a water based dressing. The dressing will not only make your engine compartment look new but also help to protect all of your belts and hoses too.